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How to make Flat Transitions in PowerPoint – Motion Graphics Tutorial

hi guys this is having arrival and today I’ll show you how we can make slide transitions in PowerPoint the first one would be the paint transition what actually is a flat transition it’s not something which we press and make it flat it’s something which is good and animation something good InDesign so these are not something which are available in PowerPoint for example the Bush effect or the vibe other cloud these are not flat at all so we have to simply click on the non transition and I will remove the text box with a place I’ll insert around it rectangle this would be off good 1.5 inch and I remove the outline and change the color to work now you can see this yellow dot this way around in the corners and they expand they started to delight and I will use the man now click on the rounded rectangle and the control key and the simply copy you have to insert a circle okay this is we have 1.5 by 1.5 with small climb now I’ll place it just at the bottom of the rounded rectangle okay now we want the circle to be removed from the rounded rectangle others go to quick access toolbar more commands and then all commands now search for the combined shape to be yes it’s a now add it and click on ok now click on the rounded rectangle and then the circle and then subtract it now you can see the circle is subtracted from the rounded rectangle now we have to simply copy it and cover the whole side would be okay on the last one left and done now the extra portion will be removed and the only partner skills animation now select all of them click on the animation pane and slide it from the top now start all of them at the previous we can change the duration and then go to effect option and this is the slow vintage foot now you have to click on the circle cut rounded rectangle all of them with the ctrl key and crease the duration I now click on duration path and increase or decrease the duration I’ll arrange them so now you have to click on the rounded rectangle and increase or decrease the duration accordingly the duration of the circle cut rounded rectangle should be moved so that it looks like a paint transition exactly and you can see it’s not that effect which we want so I’ll do a little bit of arrangements and please you can increase or decrease the duration of those square of those rounded rectangles which are not cut from the circle you can increase the duration of the other ones this looks much better than that I played yeah most part is done and only some arrangements are left and I think it’s look looking fine okay so it’s time for the second transition the wipeout foundation for this you have to again insert rounded rectangle it would be our fourth change ended with the mouth line and the wireless color should align to the next and then we have to round in the corner once again and increase its length of this one now I’m animated we have to apply of line effect which would be our point edging duration and it would be full smooth end and start with the previous now you simply copy it to the control key and then start it from the top okay now click both of them and copy it arrange them said such that there should be no gap equivalent okay now I will duplicate the slide and remove the last now click on all of them and horizontally rotator okay now you have to place them accordingly and I’ll decrease the length two three yes that’s looking fine now we have to arrange them okay so the first one should be arranged to the center then to the middle not to the middle to the top the second one to the center and the last them to the bottom and then to the middle yes now click on all of these and increase the level now the animation should be fly up on the left and the center one doesn’t animation should be from the right now click on all the animations and increase its duration as included to one point five point eight and the boys will start we can see it looks good now you can decrease the division accordingly if you want it to be fast or you wanted to be slow you can decrease the duration or increase it accordingly most of our animation is done so the next animation or the transition is rectangle so this is a bit complicated you have to insert a rectangle I’ll go down and change the color it should be up to by doing dimension line to the left and increase its length of start it covers the whole length of the slide apply the sign effect from the top if on animation pane and change the division to one it starts with the previous it would have to five of smooth start and 0.75 of smooth and yes it’s looking fine now okay let it be a bit fast animation will be of now you have to cop it and cover it such that the whole slide is filled with the rectangle okay now the whole slide is covered the back panel now comes the main part now you have to increase the delay click on the second animation and increase the delay of point zero five seconds and similarly the other by 0.5 0.1 and similarly add 0.05 second of delay to each one of the animation okay only two hours [Music] and we are done okay now you can see the animation looks very fine good now select all of them and click on add animation on add animation to the subject now increase the deviation to one second and what effect option with 0.25 most new start for the point seven-five of new start and 0.25 was needed ok start them with the previous and let their division also beyond 0.8 seconds so the first one is ending at 0.8 seconds okay so the little first fly out effects will be of delay point 8 and then second try out effects which we have pointed 500 similarly you can add point 0 5 to teach fly out effect in the delay part ok this animation is looking a bit complicated but you know the result will be very good so the most part is done and then we are completed with the animation and plate you can see the smooth animation we can add the text according to yourself so thanks for watching my video and the download link is in the description [Music] Oh